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Welcome to the Bridge of Insight Wisdom School and Community!

We encourage you to look around, get comfortable, and explore options for your personal growth. We offer community members a safe place to land as you remember who you really are and learn how to reclaim your personal power.

We offer many paths towards the experience of enlightenment. Our offerings are intended to meet you where you are on your personal journey—giving you opportunities to explore what lights you up and feeds your Soul’s desire to learn about yourself, our world, and the Universal energies that create our reality.

There is not a “right place” to start. Let your heart guide you as you explore the offerings from our core instructors and affiliates. What piques your interest? What calls to you? That’s where you will want to start. All of the offerings are available to you as you are ready, and more will be made available as our affiliate network continues to expand.

Take your time. You are in the driver’s seat of your experience with us. We are here to guide and support you. Relax. Trust. Have fun!!!

~ Michael and Essie

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